Your fullname, as a registered member, on Ojaay e.g. 'Mark Johnson'
Your email, as a registered Ojaay member
Select any role you want to be recognized with within the Ojaay website. If you select Other, then please describe it in the message box.
If requesting a tutor role, state what course and it's category e.g: "Diploma/Health/Anatomy and Physiology." If requesting a course creator role, state category and sub-category only e.g: "Vocational certificate/Skills." If requesting parent role, state child's full name and email address e.g: "John Mark/"

How to fill this form

Use this form to indicate your interest in creating your own courses, teaching in an existing course, supervising a child or mentoring a trainee on Ojaay.

  • Simply fill in your full name on site (so you must be a member of Ojaay)
  • Enter your email address as registered with on the Ojaay website
  • Select what role you are requesting for, e.g “‘course creator’, ‘parent’, ‘mentor’,’tutor’, ‘lead tutor’, ‘training partner'” (Please note that as Course Creator, you are automatically also a Lead Tutor in your created courses and have all rights within your created course(s).)
  • Next, enter:
    • as course creator, the name of the category/department you want to create your course in e.g “Diploma/Health” to create a course in the health department that will offer a Diploma of Health certificate upon completion;
    • as lead tutor and  tutor, the name of the course you want to participate in as a tutor or lead tutor, e.g “Anatomy and Physiology.”  – A lead tutor has more privileges than tutor, including configuring participants’ grade and other key edits within a course.
    • as parent and mentor, the full name of the child or mentee, and any other details such as the program undertaken by child or mentee in the “message” textarea.
  • Finally, enter any other details that might help us serve your case faster.

Other useful info

Training partners are a part of the Ojaay edusystem and refer to partners who use the Ojaay platform to run train and useful their own certification and people who use their physical location to run Ojaay accredited training programs. A training partner needs to fill his business information on the "Ojaay Partner" section in his profile section on

Travelling tutors offer training at clients' location. Any registered tutor on Ojaay, automatically becomes a travelling tutor. However any other persons are welcome by using this form to sign up and join exclusively our travelling tutor program. We contact the nearest tutor for a client who needs such services.