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Ojaay E-Learning Institute
Ojaay is an E-Learning platform that utilizes the power of technology and face to face contacts to reach all corners of the earth with skills that know no bounds and are in demand. We are an online and social media based training/learning/research institute for different skills and certification programs. Members utilize the power of technology to reach all corner of the earth with skills that know no bounds and are in demand. Members are free to use the platform to learn, subscribe to courses or launch/teach their own courses. Course creators and all partners are a may also offer the Ojaay certificate to students of their courses upon completion. All certificates are available online which can be printed out and can also be framed and shipped when need be. Members use the help centers, forum and any Ojaay specialized support to get the help they need. Students also have the tutor - student social interaction methods to assist learning.

Course Departments

  • Agric
  • Art
  • Business and Marketing
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • High School Subjects for Juniors and Seniors
  • Hospitality and Lifestyle
  • Law and Community
  • Skills
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Sciences
  • Technology and IT

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